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Tulsa Divorce Attorney

A Dedicated, Experienced Divorce Lawyer Serving Northeast Oklahoma

If you are facing or considering divorce, uncertainty about the road ahead can be overwhelming. Whether conflict is intense or you and your spouse agree that divorce is the best decision, you should have strong, balanced legal representation.

Sandra L. Tolliver is a skilled Tulsa divorce lawyer with more than 26 years of experience in family law and other areas of complex litigation. Her skill in negotiations, at trial, and as a mediator certified by the Oklahoma Supreme Court have earned our law firm a reputation for effective divorce representation throughout greater Tulsa and surrounding counties.

Results-Focused Representation in Your Uncontested or Contested Divorce

Ms. Tolliver will educate you on all relevant aspects of Oklahoma family law so that you can make informed decisions with confidence. Supported by a dedicated legal team, she will work closely with you to develop the best strategic approach based on your concerns involving:

  • Methods of reaching and documenting agreement on all essential issues in order to obtain an uncontested divorce
  • All the legal steps, complexities, potential gains and risks associated with contested divorce
  • Protection of children's best interests and your relationships with them through reasonable child custody, child visitation and child support orders
  • Resolution of other issues critical to your future happiness and stability, such as achieving fair division of all marital property and debts, whether you have substantial wealth or basic property such as a family home and vehicles

Resourcefully Seeking Settlements, but Always Prepared for Trial

We provide divorce counsel in full view of likely outcomes and the cost-benefit tradeoffs if disputes must go all the way to court. In the vast majority of divorce cases, we are able to reach settlements through negotiation or mediation, saving our clients the potentially staggering financial and emotional costs of a trial.

Our firm's extensive experience in complex business litigation is valuable for clients with retirement accounts, other investments, real estate and corporate interests, and other complex assets to divide.

Contact a Balanced, Proven Oklahoma Family Law Attorney: 918-743-4400

We know from decades of experience that every marriage and family is unique, and therefore there is no "typical" divorce. You can depend on straight answers and results-driven representation at our firm whether you are a man or woman, business owner or wage earner, homemaker or executive, and whatever the key issues in your case. Call or e-mail us today to schedule a consultation.



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