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Tulsa Business Dispute Lawyer

Decades of Experience in Negotiations, Mediation and Commercial Litigation

Most business owners and stakeholders dread becoming involved in any type of legal dispute. Interpreting relevant laws, gathering documentation needed to fully assess the claim, and weighing the costs of litigation against the potential gain or loss are all time-consuming, complex endeavors.

The best way to defend your interests while maintaining focus on your core business is to get counsel from a skilled, savvy Tulsa business dispute attorney who will assess your dispute objectively and present legal options clearly. Whether your concern involves a breach of contract, infringement on intellectual property or another matter that may require commercial litigation, you can turn to us at the Law Office of Sandra L. Tolliver in midtown Tulsa.

A Proven Legal Resource for Northeast Oklahoma Business Owners

Sandra L. Tolliver has been evaluating and litigating complex disputes throughout her 26-plus years in practice. Supported by an efficient, technologically skilled and detail-focused professional staff, our firm's knowledge and capabilities extend to:

  • Alleged breach of contract and other financially significant contract disputes across the spectrum of business-to-business interactions and internal operations
  • Partnership disputes over alleged breaches of duty, financial wrongdoing or the right to control business operations
  • Employment litigation, including disputes over non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and other contracts essential for business protection
  • Intellectual property disputes arising from allegations of infringement on a copyright, trademark or patent
  • Business torts such as unlawful interference with business relationships or unfair competition
  • High-value commercial collections
  • Construction disputes and real estate litigation, including commercial lease disputes

When your business interests are at stake, it is crucial to have a trial-proven Oklahoma business lawyer on your side. It is equally important that you trust your attorney to pursue all viable avenues for achieving your goals out of court, saving you money, time and stress.

Consult a Tulsa Commercial Litigation Attorney Focused on Results and Clear, Efficient Communication

Once we agree to a strategy and budget, we will build the strongest case possible and drive toward resolution, keeping you informed of legal developments and progress at the level you prefer. This is the approach that has rewarded the trust of many longstanding business clients in greater Tulsa and surrounding counties — and it can work for you.

For a free consultation to discuss the immediate and ongoing legal needs of your business, call 918-743-4400 or contact us by e-mail now.



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